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3 Responses so far.

  1. PGS says:

    I love Smart Meals!!! I have been on every diet in the world the last 30 years from Atkins to The Zone (A-Z) and in the process have gained 100 pounds. The thought of staring at a bland chicken breast and clump of broccoli has derailed my diet motivation many, many, many times.

    No More!!! Smart Meals food is awesome!! I mean great!! No lie, take it from one who has lived on pizza, chips, and Mexican food my whole life. This is great food!!

    Smart Meals allows me to diet my way. And I am very stubborn. With Smart Meals I eat the food I like and lose weight in the process. For once and for all, my diet is going to be a success.

    Many of you have tried “My Fit Foods” and “Simply Fit”. Occasionally they have a decent meal or two. Smart Meals knocks those companies out of the park with its outstanding food.

    A customer for life!!! Paul

  2. Dovie Peschel says:

    My husband and I have been so pleased and pleasantly surprised at the quality of Smart Meals. We have been trying to lose weight for some time and found it hard to stay with a low-fat program with our busy lives. Smart Meals was the answer for us. Convenience is key. We cook our own meals some of the time but we fill in the gaps with these delicious and satisfying smart meals. Breakfast is usually hectic so we absolutely love the traditional Smart Breakfast Burritos. It’s also been easy to reach into the freezer and grab a lunch on the go when we leave in the mornings. And when you have a sweet tooth (and we all do), the desserts are fabulous and you can eat them guilt-free! And one other thing, Sharon has been a gem to work with, always patient and taking the time to answer questions and explain how Smart Meals can help us on our path to healthier living. Thank you!

  3. Chris Funk says:

    Sharon is the best. The food tastes great and is delivered to my house. She is very accommodating and helpful. I’ve been eating clean now for a year and it helps me stay competitive with my mountain bike racing. Thank you!!