New Smart Meals Store Opening in July

Hello all,

Well, it’s finally here, we are opening our new storefront in July.  Smart Meals will be located at 1100 Wilcrest Drive, Houston, Tx  77042.  This move is a big move for us as many of you know Smart Meals had a bump in the road in 2010 and consequently was closed for 3 years.  The reopening was accomplished with little resource, but with heart and I want to personally thank my long time original employee, Amy (Lai Ping) for her loyalty and hard, hard work helping me get Smart Meals off the ground again.  The first 6 months was crazy!  It’s a lesson for all business owners, your business’s success rests upon the loyal and competent staff that supports it.  Since then, I’ve been fortunate to find other employees who are committed to our vision and make work fun.  I feel very lucky.

My goal with Smart Meals is to bring you convenient, healthy prepackaged meals and the very best customer service possible.  We plan to continue to add more variety to your meal prep options and help you make your life just a little less hectic with our service.  This new store will be our only store, allowing us to focus solely on what we do best: providing healthy, prepared meals under the 20% fat marker.  Few meal prep companies offer this option, but for us, it is our main focus.  We offer our healthy meals in several ways:  protein only, protein/carb, protein/vegetable, just let us know what you need, most likely we can accommodate.

Thank you for your patience with our move and transition this next week, our goal is to be up and running as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you can place your order online and always know you can call, email or text with any questions or for help anytime!

Have a safe and fun July 4th weekend..and week!

Sharon Reitman


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  1. Congratulations Sharon.
    What GREAT NEWS!!!!! I have missed you and your store.
    You do not know how many times I said to myself, “I wish Smart Meals was still in business”. And NOW YOU ARE. I am happy for you and me. And in a really great location for me. i live in SW Houston, but your New Location is very convenient for me to get to.
    As a matter of fact, when I first moved to Houston in July 1977, my first apartment was at the corner of Lakeside Estates Drive and Briar Forest Drive. One block from your new location. I will be coming by just as soon as I get a few things off of my plate and can get moving in your direction.

    Thank you for this gift of Smart Meals and in my Area of Town!! That is a Win-Win.
    Thanks, Sharon.
    Be seeing you soon.
    Dan Waite

    • Thank you Daniel, will be looking forward to seeing you. It’s been fun seeing some of my previous customers from the Fountainview location come by after all this time 🙂