Houston Meal Prep-Top 10 Tips

I wanted to give you some fast and easy reheating tips will give your meal prep a little more pizzazz  🙂 Here you go!

  1. Reheat your Corn Flake Baked Chicken and Potatoes in a skillet with spray Pam or a small amount of oil to achieve a fried feel to your chicken and to satisfy your french fry craving…just add a little ketchup and hot sauce if you like.
  2. Eating super clean to lose weight, but need a little healthy fat, add some avocado to our sizzling sirloin or sizzling turkey bowl or fresh pico de gallo (we have it now in house-delish!)
  3. Reheat meals at a lesser power just a little longer, so set your microwave at 60-70% power (especially if reheating directly from frozen, although this is not recommended).  Remember you can always add more time, but you can’t take it away.
  4. Use our old school butter sprinkle, Molly Mcbutter-really makes fresh steamed veggies or anything that needs a little extra salt taste or butter flavor taste like the real thing.  Just a small sprinkle is all you may need!
  5. Warm the apple bran protein muffin or other flavor muffin and add a little “Brummel and Brown Yogurt Butter.”  This product has 5 g of fat per tablespoon and tastes like the real thing.  This is truly a treat while watching your calories.
  6. Try adding lite sour cream to your burrito, just a teaspoon or two and the combination of beans, salsa, and lite sour cream will satisfy your craving for heavy Mexican food.
  7. Add your own seasoning such as red pepper flakes for spicier, a pinch of salt if you prefer or other seasonings you love to make your meal more your own, remember moderation is the key.
  8. Time permitting, many entrees do great when reheating in the oven.  Our chicken parmesan, piccata style chicken, cornflake baked chicken, lasagna, anything that you want more of a “crunch” texture.  Try reheating our Smart Burritos in an open tin foil tent (spray first with Pam), this will firm up your tortilla.
  9. Enjoy a Smart Pizza as an appetizer before dinner, these are one serving size pizzas that can be cut into 4 or 6 pieces to have as an appetizer, they will definitely satisfy your pizza craving!
  10. Plan ahead and take your Smart Meals to work with you or on the road.  Keeping a small cooler with a couple of options will help you to eat right during the day.  You can always stop at a convenience store to use their microwave.  Save your favorite cheats for when it means more such as a party or event, this will help you reach your weight loss goal and easily.

We would love your own tips, things you have done that have worked well with your meal prep.  Please share with us by commenting on this post.

In good health,

Sharon Reitman



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