Eat Fit During the Holiday Season

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s even more important to have healthy meals available so those few cheats won’t turn into extra pounds.  You can eat fit and splurge a little during your festivities and easily maintain your weight if you plan ahead.  Think about the parties or events that you will be attending and save those for indulgence, the rest of the time, be prepared by having healthy, prepared meals available.  Smart Meals is here to help!

Just as you do now, figure out what meals are the hardest for you to do yourself, it’s those meals that you want to purchase healthy meal prep for so you have “backup.”  You can use this same formula for upcoming holidays and parties.  Factor in the special events where you don’t want to watch what you eat and save those for your “cheat meals.”  Plan your own meal prep and let Smart Meals help you and you will be fully armed to eat fit during the upcoming holiday season.

And, one more important tip, make sure you eat before you go, that will help curb your appetite and you’ll likely sample much less at the party if you are full.  I know holiday fitness is not always easy and something we battle each year,  but just keep your goal in mind.  I like to have a picture of what I’m striving for in my room as a reminder, it really does help.  Moderation is the key, so try not to do all or nothing, rather eat well 90% of the time, think ahead for your healthy meal prep, and choose those extra special events ahead of time for your no dieting cheat meals.  We are lucky here as the Houston meal prep scene offers much variety and can make this whole process seamless.

For questions or help planning, contact me at Smart Meals.  I am happy to help!

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