Kid Meal Prep

10 Easy “Kid Meal Prep” Ideas to Help Your Child with Weight Loss:

  1. Reheat our rosemary potatoes in a non stick skillet (with just a teaspoon or two of oil) or under the broiler to make crispy and serve as french fries with ketchup.
  2. Meatballs with pasta is a favorite for kids, our large portion can easily serve 3 small children and is made with grass fed beef.  This is an easy meal prep option to travel with.
  3. Pizza! We have pizzas that are made with a low-fat cheese mixture, our homemade dough and with a variety of healthier toppings.  You’ll save tons of calories and fat with our Smart Pizzas and will be inadvertently helping your child with weight loss if needed.
  4. Noodles seem to be the most popular choice for small children and you can offer them our low fat, delicious chicken fettuccine. With the rise of childhood obesity, having healthier, lower fat options of kid’s meals is a must.
  5. More Houston Meal Prep ideas for your little ones are:  order the carbs as sides and serve with your own chicken, beef or healthy proteins.  This may help you with a picky eater should you have one at home.
  6. Serve the “Snack Chicken Burrito,” it is the perfect size for kids for a mid-afternoon snack or for lunch.  You can order without salsa if too spicy for your little one.
  7. For breakfast, we have buttermilk pancakes, that’s right and they have 24 g of protein and under 5 g of fat for two!  A perfect choice for your own meal prep as well as the kids.  You can use your own low sugar syrup or use our sugar free syrup that is included.
  8. Beef Lasagna made with 98% lean, grass-fed beef is so delicious your kids won’t have a clue they are eating the “healthier, leaner” version.  You can get at least 2 servings per piece for small children.
  9. For older kids, our 2-alarm Beef Chili is a great meal or snack, so lean, yet hearty and packed with protein.
  10. Finally, choose from a variety of dessert and snacks, made by a local baker.  These items have extra protein, much lower sugar and fat.  Ideal for those kids with a sweet tooth.

Now a days, there are many options to substitute to help your children stay within a healthy weight.  For them, it’s so critical that you as the parent ensures good options.  The key is not to have junk food readily available in the house, if it’s not there no one will have the urge to eat it, including us adults.

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