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Thanksgiving Holiday Meal Prep Enjoy and Stay on Track

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Summertime was still lingering just a few weeks ago and now it’s the Thanksgiving holiday, wow! That was just too fast. Every year we read about ways to stay healthy, not gain weight, and make better choices for the holidays, but the reality is, we have just a few days a year where we can […]


Frequently Asked Workout Questions – Why Meal Prep Delivery Works

I’ve been asked by many customers, “What should I eat before I work out and how long should I wait before I work out after eating?”  These two questions are really important and there are definitely different opinions on what is best.  So, I asked my personal trainer, who has over 25 years of training […]


Meal Prep with our Breakfast Sandwiches

Lalo is here almost daily for these!

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Introduction to Smart Meals Store

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Store Hours

Help us make your meal prep as convenient as we can. Currently, we are open 11-7 pm, Mon-Thur and 11-4 Fri and Sat, but we want to know if we opened earlier if that would help you.