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Frequently Asked Workout Questions – Why Meal Prep Delivery Works

I’ve been asked by many customers, “What should I eat before I work out and how long should I wait before I work out after eating?”  These two questions are really important and there are definitely different opinions on what is best.  So, I asked my personal trainer, who has over 25 years of training […]


Meal Prep with our Breakfast Sandwiches

Lalo is here almost daily for these!

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Kid Meal Prep

10 Easy “Kid Meal Prep” Ideas to Help Your Child with Weight Loss: Reheat our rosemary potatoes in a non stick skillet (with just a teaspoon or two of oil) or under the broiler to make crispy and serve as french fries with ketchup. Meatballs with pasta is a favorite for kids, our large portion […]


Houston Meal Prep-Top 10 Tips

I wanted to give you some fast and easy reheating tips will give your meal prep a little more pizzazz  🙂 Here you go! Reheat your Corn Flake Baked Chicken and Potatoes in a skillet with spray Pam or a small amount of oil to achieve a fried feel to your chicken and to satisfy […]