Pickup or Delivery Options

Currently, we have 3 pickup locations but will be adding more as we secure locations.  A pickup location is another business that has offered its facility to Smart Meals® and our customers as a more convenient place to pick up pre-ordered and pre-paid Smart Meals®.  All orders are processed through Smart Meals®, prepared, and packaged for delivery to one of these convenient locations.  We will let you know once your order has been delivered so you don’t make a special trip usually via text message or phone call. There is a $5-$10 delivery charge and your order is put into a freezer upon delivery. Deliveries can vary but most are made Wed to  Dan’s, Wed-Thur to Iron City.  Optional day for deliveries to Dan’s may be available, email for special requests.

If you prefer delivery, we now have two options.  You can choose direct delivery and we will schedule with you accordingly, typically on Friday afternoons.  The charge varies depending on your location.  Please feel free to email or call to get a delivery bid prior to placing your order.  Most orders inside the loop, Galleria area are $12-$15, orders further out are higher.  Downtown deliveries are done by a courier service and range from $18-$21.

Please note it is best to get your orders in by Monday at the latest, we do cook most items twice weekly, however, some menu items are done just once.  Late orders always accepted and most times we are able to fill, but they are not guaranteed.  And, it’s always best to get special orders placed early.

***When you complete your online order, on the checkout page, there will be a drop-down menu where you can select the location.  If you select the wrong location or are confused and you have completed your order, just send an email to Sharon and let me know where you want it 🙂 Pickup if free at our store.

Orders delivered to these locations will be put in a freezer:

Bellaire/West U-Dan’s Vitamin Houston, 3861 Bellaire Blvd (at Stella Link)  77025 (del Fridays) $7.50

Cypress-Iron City Gym, 15922 Cypress North Houston Rd, Suite 200, Cypress, Tx  77429 (del Sat/Sun) $10.00

Spring/1960 area-email Sharon for a special rate.

Katy, Tx -special rates may apply, email us your inquiry.

Direct Delivery-These are set per delivery, for further out locations, the price may vary, we will contact you with those options or you can email us first.

For questions, please call 713.868.9800 or text to 713.594.4565 or email sharon@smartmeals.com.

Thank you for your interest in Smart Meals®!