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Delicious Protein Muffins

These delicious muffins are all under 30% fat.  They are a nice change of pace …

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Breakfast Hash (Turkey or Beef)

This is great with a corn tortilla, you can make breakfast tacos or even a …

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Snack Size Smart Burrito

The perfect snack item to have on hand designed for woman.  We use a 6 …

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Keith’s Favorite Smarter Breakfast Sandwich

Our version of a grab and go breakfast sandwich, homemade 99% lean turkey sausage with …

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Classic Chicken Smart Burrito

Just the basics, lean chicken breast, beans, LF/FF cheese and faux guacamole.

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Spicy BBQ Chicken Smart Burrito

Our spicy version of a bbq chicken burrito with added jalapeno.

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Assorted Smart Pizzas

Assorted Smart Pizzas-will definitely satisfy your pizza craving!
**Special order pizzas upon request, choose this option …

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Breakfast Burritos

Currently, we have 3 “breakfast” burrito options but keep in mind you can eat any …

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Mom’s Favorite Peanut Butter Protein Snack

This snack is not only healthy but sooooo delicious, your kids will LOVE it.  Replace …

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A great snack option…add a little lite sour cream of fat-free greek yogurt.

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Your Favorite Buttermilk Flapjacks

Two traditional style buttermilk pancakes, great for breakfast or a snack and 25 grams of …

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Protein Puddings

Another decadent dessert by Stay Lean Desserts, a real treat without sabotaging your diet 🙂      

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