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Extra Lean Turkey Spaghetti

Made with 99% extra lean ground turkey, loaded with protein but not fat!

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Shrimp “Un-Fried Rice”

If you like fried rice you’ll love our version of “unfried” rice.¬† One size only.

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Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

A traditional classic made in an untraditionally lean way. One size only.

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King Ranch Casserole w/Green Beans

Our latest addition to your favorite comfort food made lower calorie and low fat.

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Blackened Salmon w/Broccoli & Carrot Medley

This is one size only- approx 7 oz of salmon with broccoli and carrots. ¬†This …

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Smart Paleo Grass Fed Meatballs w/Brussel Sprouts

Grass Fed Meatballs made with Springerhill Ranch 93% and extra lean 98% Sirloin and 99% …

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