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Breakfast Burritos


Choose from 3 Burritos – all have egg whites.  Note you can always choose any burrito for a breakfast.

Beef & Eggwhite:  Calories 275, Fat 5 g, Carb 29 g, Pro 28 g  * percentage of fat is 16.3%

Breakfast Turkey & Potato:  Calories 275, Fat 4 g, Carb 37 g, Pro 23 g  * percentage of fat is 13%****TEMPORARILY OFF MENU***

Traditional Breakfast:  Calories 320, Fat 8 g, Carb 31 g, Pro 31 g  * percentage of fat is 22.5%



Currently, we have 3 “breakfast” burrito options but keep in mind you can eat any of the burritos for breakfast.  These 3 just have egg whites in them.

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Beef & Egg White, Breakfast Turkey Potato, Traditional


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