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Breakfast Hash (Turkey)

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*We are working on a new updated Beef Hash recipe, we have transitioned this recipe and know you will enjoy 🙂

IEM Approved!= Turkey

Turkey:  Calories: 233, Fat 3 g, Carb 27 g, Pro 23 g  * percentage of fat 11.6% (regular size)

Large Turkey:  Calories: 310, Fat 4g, Carb 37g, Pro 31 g *percentage of fat 11.6% (large size)

Beef:  *new stats to come

Large Beef: *new stats to come



This is great with a corn tortilla, you can make breakfast tacos or even a little light sour cream or fat free greek yogurt.  We are now offering two sizes regular which is 9 oz and Large which is 12 oz.

*Breakfast beef hash is currently off the menu.


Additional information


Large 99% Turkey, Regular size 99% Turkey

1 review for Breakfast Hash (Turkey)

  1. Leslie (verified owner)

    Love this breakfast entree.! It’s a great combination of proteins and carbs with a delicious flavor that’s not over powering for breakfast. I also enjoy it for lunch or dinner and have made tacos out of it with corn tortillas if needing more carbs.

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