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We have a variety of carbohydrates, choose from the drop down menu below.  These come packaged as separates in a one cup portion unless specified otherwise.  Average calories for carbs are 2oo, 1-2 gm fat.

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Carbohydrate List

Rosemary Potatoes, Roasted Yam Wedges, Basmati Rice w/Dried Cranberries, Basmati Rice w/Veggies, Pasta w/Marinara, Wild Rice Pilaf, Fettuccine Alfredo, Pasta w/Jalapeno Pasta, Chinese Unfried Rice, Sweet Kernel Corn, Potato & Cauliflower Mash, Broccoli, Broccoli & Carrot Medley, Green Beans, Brussel Sprouts w/Turkey Bacon

2 reviews for Carbohydrates-choose from a variety listed in a drop down menu

  1. Leslie Kuhn (verified owner)

    These sides always compliment a protein well- whether it is a Smart Meals protein you have on hand or something at home of your own. I cooked up an egg and a couple egg whites last night and threw it over the Smart Meals Couscous and it made for a delicious meal- quick and complete! There are many ways to use our Smart Meals to keep it new and fresh for your taste buds.

    • Sharon (verified owner)

      Thank you Leslie, this is exactly what we like customers to do, get creative with the convenience of Smart Meals. You have heard me say it before and I’ll say it again, variety is the key to successful weight loss. Glad you enjoyed the couscous with egg whites, it’s one of my favorite carbs. I love hard boiled egg whites too, I usually keep 2-3 dozen available in the fridge for salads and when I don’t feel like chicken 🙂

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