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Protein by the Pound

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Measured 16 oz cooked protein only.

Nutrition Facts for all One Pound Products in Description Below



Protein by the pound, packaged in one container.  Best value option.

*Average stats will all be close to: Rodeo Chicken: Calories 697, Fat 5 g, Carb 35 g, Pro 128 g  * percentage of fat is 6.5%

Sizzling Sirloin (Meat Only): Calories 505, Fat 9 g, Carb 9 g, Pro 97 g  * percentage of fat is 16%

Sizzling Turkey (Meat Only): Calories 537, Fat 5 g, Carb 9 g, Pro 114 g  * percentage of fat is 8.4%



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Bodybuilder, Buffalo, Chicken Parmesan, Rodeo BBQ, Sizzling Beef, Sizzling Turkey, Sriracha Chicken, Sweet and Tangy Turkey Cutlet, Mango Chicken, Roasted Dijon & Sage Chicken

2 reviews for Protein by the Pound

  1. nipal holland

    Could literally eat the bbq ckn wrap everyday, just that good

    • Sharon Friedman

      That is a popular Smart Burrito for sure! But my favorite is the Traditional 🙂 Glad you are enjoying.

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