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Chicken Parmesan

(5 customer reviews)


IEM Approved!

Chicken Breast, Italian Bread Crumbs, Pasta Sauce, FF/LF Cheese, LF Parmesan Cheese

Analysis Results  (based on the large portion an 8 oz chicken breast).

Large Combo:  Calories 554, Fat 6 g, Carb 79 g, Pro 46 g  * percentage of fat is 9.7%

Small Combo:  Calories 404, Fat 4 g, Carb 59 g, Pro 33 g  * percentage of fat is 8.9%

Large Pro Only: Calories 255, Fat 3 g, Carb 18 g, Pro 39 g  * percentage of fat is 10.6%

Small Pro Only: Calories 182, Fat 2 g, Carb 13 g, Pro 28 g  * percentage of fat is 9.9%

6oz + Veggie: Calories 328, Fat 4 g, Carb 28 g, Pro 45 g  * percentage of fat is 10%

One Pound: Calories 584, Fat 7 g, Carb 41 g, Pro 88 g  * percentage of fat is 10.8%




Your favorite Italian dish made a little lighter.  You can purchase this item several different ways.

Additional information


6 oz + Veg, Large, Pound, Small


Protein Only, w/vegetable, With Pasta Marinara

5 reviews for Chicken Parmesan

  1. Leslie (verified owner)

    This Parmesan Chicken is so good it takes care of any Italian craving i may have and leaves me never wanting the fried, unhealthy, heavy version of it. If I have time, i like to heat it up in the oven and it gives it a slight “toasting”. A must try if you have never ordered.

  2. buccos18 (verified owner)

    I love the Parmesan Chicken with pasta marinara. It’s delicious and is a much better alternative than the 1,200 calorie version at Italian restaurants. If frozen, thaw the container for two days in the refrigerator and then heat in the microwave for 4 minutes at 50% power. Perfect!

    • Sharon (verified owner)

      Thank you! The parmesan is a pefect dinner, cut your carbs and make a big salad 🙂

  3. jim berry

    Love it!—sprinkle with water, cover with microwave cover, heat, transfer to plate and serve………….chicken is so very tender and the marinara sauce is fantastic. It’s one of our weekly staples.

    • Sharon (verified owner)

      Wow! I have not heard that tip before, thanks I’ll have to try. My best tip is to reheat at 7 or 8 power instead of full 10 on your microwave and do less at first, then finish off with what you need…works great especially if I forget to thaw first 🙂

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