King Ranch Casserole w/Green Beans

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One size portion, approx nutritional stats:

*now analyzed by AFL Labs July 2018

Calories 360, Fat 9 g, Carb 11 g, Pro 58 g  * percentage of fat is 22.5%

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Our latest addition to your favorite comfort food made lower calorie and low fat.

4 reviews for King Ranch Casserole w/Green Beans

  1. tdiffendal (verified owner)

    Soooo good!!! My first Smart Meal and I will be buying again!

    • Sharon Friedman

      So glad you are enjoying, meal prep is a great option to have to help you reach your health and fitness goals 🙂

  2. mcaron (verified owner)

    The King Ranch Casserole is a delicious dish with great macros, I will be buying it again!

    • Sharon Friedman

      Awesome it’s very popular 🙂

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