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King Ranch Casserole w/Green Beans

(4 customer reviews)


One size portion, approx nutritional stats:

*now analyzed by AFL Labs July 2018, this product is prepared for us by an outside chef, we rely on the cooking standards of his company for label information.

Calories 360, Fat 9 g, Carb 11 g, Pro 58 g  * percentage of fat is 22.5%

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Our latest addition to your favorite comfort food made lower calorie and low fat.

4 reviews for King Ranch Casserole w/Green Beans

  1. tdiffendal (verified owner)

    Soooo good!!! My first Smart Meal and I will be buying again!

    • Sharon Friedman

      So glad you are enjoying, meal prep is a great option to have to help you reach your health and fitness goals 🙂

  2. mcaron (verified owner)

    The King Ranch Casserole is a delicious dish with great macros, I will be buying it again!

    • Sharon Friedman

      Awesome it’s very popular 🙂

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