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Low Carb or Keto Options


Look at the drop-down menu to see all options, these meals are great for those following a strict low carb diet or even Keto.  Smart Meals low carb selections are designed for your evening or last meal of the day.  You can specify a veggie in the notes section when you complete your order or tell us which vegetables if any you do not like.  We have broccoli, green beans, carrots, broccoli/carrot medley, roasted zucchini, (sometimes cauliflower and kale)

Nutrition Facts for all Low Carb Products in Description Below

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Each meal will be approximately 6 oz of lean protein accompanied w/1 cup of vegetables.

*Please note, we will not be stocking a large supply of low-carb items in the store, so pre-order is the way to insure you will get what you want. We encourage you to order protein by the pound and will offer side veggies so you can pick and choose which you prefer easily.

*For those of you on a budget, ordering the protein by the pound will give you 16 oz of lean protein that you can use and add with your side of veggies or a salad.

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Beef Chili, Blackened Salmon, Bodybuilder Chicken, Buffalo BBQ Chicken, Burkey Burger, Chicken Parmesan, Chipotle & Garlic Crusted Beef Tenderloin, Honey Sriracha Salmon, King Ranch Casserole, Rodeo BBQ Chicken, Sizzling Beef, Sizzling Turkey, Sweet and Tangy Turkey Cutlet, Turkey Chili, Mango Chicken, Roasted Dijon & Sage Chicken


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