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Bun-less Burkey Burger

This is a new, extra lean and delicious meal that you can enjoy for under …

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Breakfast Burritos

Currently, we have 3 “breakfast” burrito options but keep in mind you can eat any …

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Your Favorite Buttermilk Flapjacks

Two traditional style buttermilk pancakes, great for breakfast or a snack and 25 grams of …

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Angel Hair Pasta w/Meatballs

Small or Large available, topped with our delicious chunky marinara sauce and a touch of …

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Protein by the Pound

Protein by the pound, packaged in one container.  Best value option.
Body Builder Chicken: Calories 613, …

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Mango Chicken over Cilantro Rice

One Size only!  Just a light amount of heat 🙂

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A great snack option…add a little lite sour cream of fat-free greek yogurt.

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Steel Cut Oatmeal w/Golden Raisins

Just your good old fashion steel cut oats with a touch of Truvia brown sugar …

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Smart Paleo Grass Fed Meatballs w/Brussel Sprouts

Grass Fed Meatballs made with Springerhill Ranch extra lean 98% Sirloin and 99% extra lean …

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Beef Meatloaf w/Potato-Cauli Mash

Our meatloaf is a great choice if you’re in the mood for some good old …

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Chicken Cannelloni’s w/Roasted Kale

Another Italian dish made just a little healthier for you 🙂  Fresh egg white pasta …

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Luscious Lean Lemon Protein Pound Cake

Another great dessert alternative to a traditionally higher fat favorite…or use as a snack but …

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Lean Beef Lasagna

This lean beef lasagna is under 20% fat and has been analyzed by AFL Labs …

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Shrimp “Un-Fried Rice”

If you like fried rice you’ll love our version of “unfried” rice.  One size only.  …

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Protein Puddings

Another decadent dessert by Stay Lean Desserts, a real treat without sabotaging your diet 🙂      

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