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Protein Puddings


Estimated nutritional stats from Stay Lean Desserts:

Chocolate Sundae

Calories 242, Fat 7 g Carb 26 g, Pro 19 g  * percentage of fat 26%

Cookies n Creme

new recipe…stats to come – being analyzed

Strawberry Protein Cheesecake (temporarily out of stock but not for long!)

Calories 212, Fat 4 g Carb 36 g, Pro 7.5 g  * percentage of fat 16.7%



Another decadent dessert by Stay Lean Desserts, a real treat without sabotaging your diet 🙂




Additional information


Chocolate Fudge, Cookies & Creme, Mix of all 3 Flavors, Strawberry Cheesecake


3 Pack, Each


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