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Bun-less Burkey Burger


IEM Approved!

This is a 6 oz Burkey, made with 98% grass-fed sirloin and 99% extra lean turkey breast.  Yam Wedges are weighed at 5 oz.  A side of ketchup is given, but feel free to add your own mustard, hot sauce or even make a delicious burger by adding a bun and all the sides.  Enjoy!  (If you would like rosemary potatoes instead of yams just put a note in the notes section of your online order)

Stats with Yam Wedges below:

Calories 395, Fat 3 g, Carb 45 g, Pro 47 g  * percentage of fat is 6.8%

Stats with a Veggie:

Calories 275, Fat 3 g, Carb 11 g, Pro 51 g  * percentage of fat is 9.8%

Stats Solo below:

Calories 227, Fat 3 g, Carb 3 g, Pro 47 g  * percentage of fat is 11.9%


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This is a new, extra lean and delicious meal that you can enjoy for under 400 calories!  Go low carb and order w/ veggie only or by itself.  You can also use to make your own low fat cheeseburger.

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w/a Veggie, w/Yam Wedges


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