Extra Lean Turkey Lasagna

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IEM Approved!

Our lasagna is made with Springerhill Ranch 98% lean beef, Lasagna noodles, FF/LF cheese, FF Ricotta cheese, LF Parmesan, Marinara sauce, Fresh Basil and is a delicious substitute for the traditional higher fat, rich version.  For the turkey lasagna, we substitute 99% lean ground turkey breast.  Please note the AFL analysis will be slightly different than computer analysis.  *we have modified recipe some, so stats also slightly different.

Analysis Results

One Piece: Cal 446, Fat 5g, Carb 61g, Pro 39g

New Stats from Computer-recipe modified due to unavailability of fat free ricotta cheese due to Covid-19.

Turkey w/ Veggie:  Calories 512, Fat 8 g, Carb 69 g, Pro 41 g  * percentage of fat is 14%

Turkey Solo:  Calories 464, Fat 8 g, Carb 61 g, Pro 37 g  * percentage of fat is 15.5%




A delicious substitute for the traditional higher fat rich version.


Additional information

Vegetable option

No Vegetable, With Broccoli Carrot Medley

6 reviews for Extra Lean Turkey Lasagna

  1. Vicki Venza (verified owner)

    The lean beef lasagna is very good and satisfying. I love pasta, so it’s great to eat an Italian favorite without all the guilt!!

  2. Sharon

    Thank you Vicki, it’s one of my favorites too. We have had this analyzed by AFL Labs and I don’t know where else you can enjoy REAL beef lasagna that is under 20% fat!

  3. jim berry

    Beef Lasagna is fantastic!……sprinkle a little water on top and cover with a microwave cover – when hot transfer to a plate — it’s better than any Lasagna that I’ve had in a restaurant.

    • Sharon

      Thank you Jim, I think our lasagna is fantastic, especially when the stats are as they are, less than 6 grams of fat!! I have had this analyzed at AFL Food labs and was quite happy with the result. I think the result is as it is in part because Smart Meals spends extra purchasing 98% extra lean grass fed (Springerhill Ranch) beef. Not sure my competitors would agree on what I pay, LOL but knowing that customers can enjoy their favorite comfort food and keep it under 20% fat is always our goal, so we don’t mind spending a little extra ensuring you get what you want.

  4. Deady Ortego (verified owner)

    Lasagna is fantastic. I love the taste. Really good food.

  5. Tom W (verified owner)

    The beef lasagna is great. I order at least one per week. As good as it is, you’d never guess it’s low fat.

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