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Sweet and Tangy Turkey Medallions

(3 customer reviews)


IEM Approved!  Some is packed with Orzo Pasta sold in our store.

Lg Combo:  Calories: 470, Fat 3 g, Carb 60 g, Pro 51 g  * percentage of fat is 5.7%

Sm Combo:  Calories: 326, Fat 2 g, Carb 44 g, Pro 33 g  * percentage of fat is 5.5%

Lg Pro Only:  Calories: 255, Fat 3 g, Carb 12 g, Pro 47 g  * percentage of fat is 10.6%

Sm Pro Only:  Calories: 170, Fat 2 g, Carb 8 g, Pro 30 g  * percentage of fat is 10.6%

6oz + Veggie:  Calories: 270, Fat 2 g, Carb 19 g, Pro 44 g  * percentage of fat is 6.7%

One Pound:  Calories: 560, Fat 4 g, Carb 23 g, Pro 108 g  * percentage of fat is 5.5%

Gluten friendly

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Lean Turkey Cutlet with a zesty sweet & tangy bbq sauce.

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1 Pound, Large, Pro + Veg, Small


Pound, Protein Only, With Basmati Rice & Dried Cranberries

3 reviews for Sweet and Tangy Turkey Medallions

  1. Tom (verified owner)

    Love this meal! We order it as part of our standard weekly order.

  2. aumisrubio

    Absolutely delicious! Turkey is not only tender but well cooked and the sauce is heaven! This is a mix of salt and sweet recipe perfect with sweet potatoes puree or quinoa with veggies. My favorite!

  3. missbuffbooty

    LOVE this meal, turkey is sooooo delicious & tender. I’ve tried quite a lot of the menu items & love them all, helps me to stay on my workout/diet plan. Yep, I’ll keep ordering as long as Sharon keeps offering such a nice variety on the menu!!!

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